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Mono 200w



DE200M-60 that is produced by 60 cell is a universal module that can be used for multiple purposes such as power plants, as well as residential and business facilities.
This is also a photovoltaic module to produce an effective output based on the effective light absorption performance.

High module conversion efficiency through superior manufacturing technology

Better performance, better power warranty

Quality and reliability

Industry-leading linear warranty

Stronger 35mm robust frame to hold 5400pa load

Salt mist,ammonia and blowing sand resistance     apply to seaside,farm and desert environment 20

year linear performance warranty

Multipurpose application

Commercial and industrial solar power stations

Resident solar power systems.

Commercial & industrial ground mounting systems

On-grid or off-grid solar power stations.

Electrical Characteristics
System Specification
Temperatrue Coefficient
Temperatrue Coefficient
Packaging Configuration

Product design and spec. are subject to change without prior notice 



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