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IoT Snow Removal System

Your Internet of Things

The IoT Snow Removal System is an Internet-based, safe, fast and efficient way to help you with your snow removal work.

Portable & Fixed Type of Installation

Portable Type of Installation

Fixed Type of Installation

Compare Portable & Fixed Type

Configuration of Fixed Type

Network Configuration of Fixed Type

Injection Valve Configuration of Fixed Type

Configuration of Portable Type

Network Configuration of Portable Type

▷ Re Streaming and short-range RF communication capabilities for the communication cost savings 

   : Master with only the camera and the mobile communication module. And the slave is controlled by the RF    

    (local communication) communication

Reduce Communication Cost Structure

▷ Reduce communication costs with re-streaming and short-range RF communication

Only master system is equipped with ip camera and mobile communication module to control slave by RF communication

Diagram of Fixed Type

Slave Control Unit

Master Control Unit

Major Manufacture Facilities of Deicing Materials

Central control panel

<Blending Tank : 30 Ton / 2 Unit >

    Material: FRP

    Included 2 ea of Agitator

Deodorization & Removal dust tower

Finished products storage tank

  : 50 Ton/ 1 Unit> Material : STS400

< Precipitation Tank >

   Material: STS304

Sludge Tank


Tel :  (02) 780-2900​ 

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